Monday, March 11, 2013

Wild WR Day

Today saw three moves made on the eve of NFL free agency that will impact the market for WR's and show how the NFC West is now the top division in football. The Seahawks traded for Percy Harvin of the Vikings for a couple picks this year and one next year, as reported by Jay Glazer. One of those picks was Seattle's first rounder for this year.

Since Jim Harbaugh is physically incapable of allowing Pete Carroll to get the upper hand, the 49ers trade for Anquan Boldin from the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens, who finally figured out how they will handle a potentially rough situation. Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun is reporting that San Francisco gave up just a sixth round pick for Boldin. Seems like the 49ers made the better pickup since Boldin is a better WR (at least more of a classic WR) and Harvin has injury issues. Still, after picking up Mario Manningham last year, I'm already wondering which WR San Francisco will pickup from whichever team beats them in the playoffs next year.

Still, the NFC West continues to show signs that it's far from being the worst division in the NFL like it was as recently as two years ago and now it might officially be the best division in the league. Especially after the Rams improved by leaps and bounds last year without a great offense. As for the Cardinals, all they need is a QB and an O-Line and they could be good.

The other takeaway from today is how the WR market is heating up. Greg Jennings is among biggest names at WR when free agency starts Friday and expect many teams to get involved in the bidding. Wes Welker and Mike Wallace will also garner plenty of attention; Wallace in particular I expect will leave the Steelers. Once those three sign, eyes will focus on Victor Cruz, who's a RFA and has a first round tender. The Giants seem to be indicating that there is a ceiling on how much they will pay Cruz, which doesn't shock me at all since the Giants have a number for every player they have and when someone exceeds that number, the Giants find someone new to take the spot and the transition becomes seamless. Just note that the Vikings now have two first rounders, both of which are in the 20s; should they not sign Jennings, Welker or Wallace, there's a fit with them and Cruz. Still think Cruz will remain a Giant, but I'm already preparing myself for the day we grab the draft pick.

NFL Free Agency tends to be a whirlwind day of transactions and it's happening as we get into Championship Week in college basketball and starts during what should be an epic showdown at Camp Nou as Barcelona will try to rally against AC Milan. This week just keeps getting better and better.

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