Monday, March 4, 2013

History In Chicago

After winning the Stanley Cup back in 2010, the Chicago Blackhawks have been disappointing, finishing with first round losses in the last two years. Clearly, they made it a point to correct this and have started the NHL season with an 19-0-3 record, which is an NHL-record for consecutive point to begin a season. Dating back to last season, the Hawks have got at least a point in 28 straight games, which is 7 short of the record set by the 1979-80 Flyers who went 30-0-5 at one point that year. That Flyers team lost in the Stanley Cup Finals, time will tell what will happen to these Blackhawks.

Until then, we should enjoy the great play by Chicago. Watch the highlights from Sunday's win over the Red Wings and hopefully start watching their games whenever they're on. Tonight, they play the Wild and coverage will join in progress on NBCSN, then they're on NBCSN again for Wednesday Night Rivalry facing the Avalanche of all teams. The schedule says they could reach the Flyers mark; I'll definitely be watching to see them go for the record.

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