Saturday, October 17, 2009

Babe of the Week and Week 6 Picks

The past two weeks have seen me just write my picks without any pictures to begin. And that's when the light bulb came on and figured that someone hot should lead the page. It's probably the smartest move I've ever made on this blog and while it isn't stripperific like the guys do at Four Habs Fans, this won't disappoint. Also, the woman I pick each week will be an alum from one of the schools playing the "game of the week". This week, since Texas and USC will have another big game and we won't find one in Notre Dame, I decided to pick Oklahoma alum Olivia Munn from G4 and soon to be in Iron Man 2. Anyway, enjoy that while I give out my NFL and College picks for this week. (Home team listed in CAPS):

Kansas City (+6) over WASHINGTON- The Chiefs should have fired Wade last week, they will fire Jim Zorn this week.
CINCINNATI (-5) over Houston- Cincy should win, but since Houston wins when I pick against them, put everything on the Texans.
PITTSBURGH (-14) over Cleveland- I'd be more worried about a late cover if the Browns didn't win with a QB completing 2 passes last week.
MINNESOTA (-3) over Baltimore- Favre's still inside and Jared Allen is the early season MVP; yes, even ahead of Peyton (remember a defensive player will be my MVP)
JACKSONVILLE (-9.5) over St. Louis- I can't stand the Jags, but the Rams are absolutely awful.
Giants (+3) over NEW ORLEANS- I understand how tough the Saints offense can be, but I won't pick against the Giants on the road, especially when they are underdogs.
TAMPA BAY (+3) over Carolina- I don't think Josh Johnson is that terrible, perhaps already better than Jake Delhomme.
GREEN BAY (-13.5) over Detroit- The Packers must win this game and won't let the Lions be frisky, get ready to win this week Aaron Rodgers owners.
Philadelphia (-14) over OAKLAND- The Eagles would cover this line if it was 24 points; Raiders have quit.
Arizona (+3) over SEATTLE- I hate going against the Seahawks at home, but the Cards need this before the Giants next week and Seattle's still banged up.
JETS (-9.5) over Buffalo- If the Jets are for real, they have to destroy the Bills, especially after the Dolphin Debacle; expect to hear Dick Enberg to say "Edwards is down" a lot.
NEW ENGLAND (-9) over Tennessee- There's no way you pick against the Pats following a loss against a winless team. And no, the Titans aren't good, so the "experts" shouldn't say different.
Chicago (+3) over ATLANTA- I think the Falcons are a little overrated and the Bears can throw the ball against them.
Denver (+3.5) over SAN DIEGO- After only five games, I already trust Josh McDaniels more than I do Norv Turner. To be fair, Rex Ryan lost that status last Monday by eating timeouts.

NFL Record: 45-31

Texas (-3.5) over Oklahoma
WISCONSIN (-2.5) over Iowa
BOSTON COLLEGE (-2.5) over N.C. State
South Carolina (+18) over ALABAMA
PENN STATE (-17) over Minnesota
California (-3.5) over UCLA
NEBRASKA (-10.5) over Texas Tech
Missouri (+7) over OKLAHOMA STATE
Virginia Tech (-3.5) over GEORGIA TECH
NOTRE DAME (+10) over USC

College Record: 24-28-1

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