Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Chip Caray Drinking Game

The putrid performance by Chip Caray yesterday in the Twins-Tigers one game playoff has led me to create the Chip Caray Drinking Game. I must disclaimer to follow at your own risk as I'm not responsible for any alcohol related incidents, though I'm sure you know the deal. This is for fun. Here are the rules:

Drink you beer when Caray says:
-hot shot
-swing and a drive
-brings up A-Rod's struggles (applies for the Yanks-Twins)
-talks about Jeter's clutchness (ditto)
-calls the Twins "scrappy" (also Yanks-Twins)
-something that's a mistake, but either team is ahead by 5 runs or more

Pound your beer when Caray says:
-something that's a clear mistake, but it's only between the 1st-6th inning
-every tenth time he says fisted
-swing and a drive and belted in the same sentence

Take a shot when Caray:
-makes a mistake in a go-ahead run situation, that doesn't end the game

Take two shots when Caray:
-makes a mistake in a game-winning play (last night's "BASEHIT" qualifies)

Drink the whole bottle if:
-Caray's mistake involves you're team (for Twins and Tigers fans only last night)

Don't forget, Chip Caray will do the NLCS this year so when that starts, the Yanks-Twins specific example will change, so by all means update this when you can, as well as filling in some omissions.

UPDATE 10:55 PM- Thanks to Craig Calcaterra for reminding me that "hot shot" needs to be included. I'll adjust this accordingly.

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