Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 5 Picks

Once again, I have to make my Week 5 picks in short order and as you can tell, I didn't give you any college picks. Not having college picks this week isn't a big deal and actually is smart because I just keep losing. Anyway, here are my picks this week (home team in CAPS):

Minnesota (-11) over ST. LOUIS- The Rams can't even score 11 points, might score zero against that Vikings defense.
Dallas (-7.5) over KANSAS CITY- Sorry Chiefs, but I can't back you until you win one, at least a cover.
Washington (+4.5) over CAROLINA- The Skins are bad, but you can't back Jake Delhomme and give points at the same time.
PHILLY (-15.5) over Tampa Bay- No overthinking, Eagles are much better than the Bucs.
GIANTS (-15.5) over Oakland- Even David Carr could cover this spread against the Raiders
BUFFALO (-6) over Cleveland- Isn't this a putrid set of games this weeekend?
Cincy (+8.5) over BALTIMORE- Best game of the week since Gus Johnson is announcing and the Bengals keep it close.
Pittsburgh (-11) over DETROIT- This game is sold out, we may as well call this a Steeler home game.
SAN FRAN (-2.5) over Atlanta- If it wasn't for the Greatest Hail Mary in history (since the almighty Brett Favre threw it), the Niners would be 4-0.
DENVER (-3) over New England- I love the Broncos defense and I think they can make Brady uncomfortable. The rest is ball control by the offense.
Houston (+5.5) over ARIZONA- Cards aren't that good at home, Texans a little better on the road.
SEATTLE (-1.5) over Jacksonville- Again, these games are awful this week.
Indy (-3.5) over TENNESSEE- Let's face it, the Titans aren't good and the Colts show up for primetime.
Jets (-2) over MIAMI- Almost picked the Fins, then I remember their one win is against Buffalo.

NFL Record: 37-25

College Record: 24-28-1

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