Friday, October 23, 2009

Babe of the Week and Week 7 Picks

Welcome to Week 7 in the NFL and another week of college football. With this week's big college football game being between Mountain West foes TCU and BYU, it's best to have a TCU grad as the Babe of the Week. This is Kristin Holt Adams, former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader and currently is on the G4 network, just like last week's babe Olivia Munn was (sidebar; this is freaky that G4 of all networks have the best looking women in television). Anyway, here's the picks for Week 7 in the NFL and the eighth week of college football. Home team in CAPS:

KANSAS CITY (+5.5) over San Diego- The Chargers really aren't good, while the Chiefs don't seem like they will be satisfied with one win.
Indianapolis (-14) over ST. LOUIS- No chance for the Rams the way Peyton Manning is playing, let's move on.
Green Bay (-9) over CLEVELAND- I still don't know how the Packers will be against good teams, but they take care of business against bad ones.
PITTSBURGH (-6) over Minnesota- The Vikings are due for a bad game, especially on an awful field, plus the Steelers are due for a message sending game.
New England (-15) over Tampa Bay- The Pats will teach everyone in London a lesson on how to annihilate an opponent; Tom Brady fantasy owners rejoice (including me).
HOUSTON (-3) over San Francisco- I think the Niners will win, which means I must pick the opposite and take the Texans to win this game; I'm 0-6 picking Texans games this year.
OAKLAND (+6) over Jets- Every rational argument says the Jets need a win and the Raiders are satisfied, except when the Jets play in Oakland, common sense is thrown out.
CAROLINA (-7) over Buffalo- I hate going with Jake Delhomme here, so I'm going with DeAngelo Williams against that ghastly Bills run defense.
Chicago (Pick'em) over CINCINNATI- Antwan Odom's injury could be devastating for the Bengals defense; also I expect better games from Jay Cutler and Matt Forte.
MIAMI (+6.5) over New Orleans- The Dolphins are back and will control this game with the Wildcat, as the Saints have a letdown after last week's Giants win.
DALLAS (-4) over Atlanta- I'm loathe to pick the Cowboys, however, the bye week is a positive for a Wade Phillips team (such an oxymoron) and I'm not a believer in the Falcons yet.
GIANTS (-7) over Arizona- Everything in this game should say the Giants will lose (Cards passing game, weak Giants DB's) but the Cards just don't play well in the Northeast.
Philadelphia (-7) over WASHINGTON- It's around this time that Redskins fans want the Skins to lose, Eagles will want to avoid the troubles of their NFC East opponents and have to win.

NFL Record: 50-40

Georgia Tech (-5.5) over VIRGINIA
PITTSBURGH (-6.5) over South Florida
MIAMI-FL (-4.5) over Clemson
WASHINGTON (+10) over Oregon
Penn State (-4.5) over MICHIGAN
KANSAS (+8) over Oklahoma
MISSOURI (+13) over Texas
Iowa (+1.5) over MICHIGAN STATE
LSU (-7.5) over Auburn
BYU (+2.5) over Texas Christian (sorry Kristin)

College Record: 29-33-1

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