Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Knicks Keep Making Believers

Tonight, the Knicks improved to 13-4 with a thrilling win in Charlotte over the Bobcats, 100-98 because of J.R. Smith winner at the buzzer. 13-4 is the best record in the East (only Memphis is better at 13-3); a half-game better than the Heat, who the Knicks play tomorrow in Miami. The interesting thing about this win is that Carmelo Anthony missed the last 2:10 after diving for a ball going out of bounds, something he shouldn't have done because the shot-clock ran out. They somehow survived a game which they went 13-for-41 from three by avoiding any turnovers in the fourth and some great play by Raymond Felton, Tyson Chandler and the returning Jason Kidd.

Thus far, the Knicks are doing so many good things to begin this season; they haven't lost at home yet, and they play very well (most nights) in the fourth quarter. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain this level of play, especially when Amare Stoudemire returns. My biggest concern with the eventual Stoudemire return is the frontcourt gets clogged like a toilet once again and the offense suffers. Until that time, I will enjoy the great play, since the Knicks haven't started a season like this since Patrick Ewing was still here.

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