Saturday, December 8, 2012

Manny Gets KO'd

GIF: Juan Manuel Marquez knocks out Manny Pacquaio at end of ... on Twitpic

Tonight was the fourth matchup of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Pacquiao and Marquez drew the first matchup, then Manny won the last two the with their third matchup being a highly disputed decision in Manny's favor. Marquez got his revenge in a highly entertaining fight. Both men traded knockdowns in the earlier rounds and the fifth round in particular had some very entertaining boxing. Pacquiao was winning the sixth round (coincidentally, I was scoring the bout 47-46 in Manny's favor, along with all the judges) when right before the bell was rung, Marquez threw perfect shot in Pacquiao's face to knock him out cold. Great win and well deserved for Marquez.

This is the second straight loss for Pacquiao and while the loss to Timothy Bradley was considered a travesty, tonight's loss is much more resounding. For the last three years, Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather kept avoiding each other which would have been the biggest match in boxing since perhaps Lennox Lewis-Mike Tyson in 2002. Now that Manny has lost a couple, and in such a loss in this night, there is no point to them fighting and boxing is the biggest loser of all.

Tonight's winners, along with Marquez of course, is anyone who saw this person at the fight:

Mitt Romney at ringside of #PacMarquez fight. on Twitpic

Mitt Romney's got another politician who he can talk about losing big matchups.

(h/t to Bryan Armen Graham for the GIF and photo)

UPDATE: I now have a video from the 6th round until the end. The announcers are Spanish, and simply delightful.

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