Monday, December 10, 2012

The Manchester Derby Never Disappoints

What a cracking match at the Etihad on Sunday! If the BPL wanted to market its brand around the world with evidence, this was a perfect game for just that. It had pace, skill, power, world-class players, and goals. Sadly, a few idiots tried to ruin a thrilling game; marring one of the games of the season with their stupidity.

Ignoring those incidents, the game was thrilling and quite a joy to watch as a neutral. Manchester United had an astonishing start to the game with a Rooney brace. The Red Devils are really showing how dangerous they are on the break and have an embarrassment of riches of offensive weapons that fit this style perfectly. They still have a shaky defense and Michael Carrick is just terrible. City did well to slowly recover and not let United run up their lead.

Mancini's insistence on playing Mario Balotelli still astounds me. If he is still there after January, I will be shocked. City showed a ton of desire and eventually got back in the game. Yaya Toure continues to show why he should be used as an attacking midfielder but Mancini keeps deploying him too deep. Kolarov scored a captain's goal and City were level and pressing.

Samir Nasri. The perfect example of the overpaid footballer that has no heart. Firstly, why was one of their shortest players in the wall? Secondly, why would you limply stick your leg out like he did? I do feel Joe Hart has the ability to get to that ball but a completely avoidable and unnecessary deflection. Mancini needs to get ahold of his squad and move some pieces around. Manchester United are playing like a team possessed recently and are distancing themselves atop the Premier League table. In all, a great match marred by the events that followed Van Persie's game-winner.

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