Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tiffany's Week 3 Recap and Week 4 Picks

Good news, Tiffany is back! After being out with a camera, she has her Week 3 song up on YouTube, but never fear, we have the video up here on this post and hopefully every week from now on.

Now after that musical awesomeness, it's time for my picks, which are slowly but surely improving. Can you guys believe that we've reached the quarter pole already. Seems like football season moves so fast. Anyway, here's my Week 4 picks. (Home team listed with CAPS)

Detroit (+1) over DALLAS: If the Dallas from Monday night shows up to this game, the Lions probably win by 3 touchdowns. Even if the Cowboys play better, the Lions are better and should be at 4-0 after today.

New Orleans (-7.5) over JACKSONVILLE: Can't you just see the Saints putting up 35+ points and if you think the Jaguars can score 28+ to cover this spread, by all means. It won't happen, but it's your money.

PHILADELPHIA (-9.5) over San Francisco: Not just because the Niners are playing on the East at 1 pm (last week proved that's no be all end all), but because I do expect the Eagles to give the Niners a whooping after the loss to the Giants last week.

Washington (-3) over ST. LOUIS: Rams continue their death march to 0-7. Next stop; a good Redskins team, though if the Rams keep it close late, I'll trust Sam Bradford more than Rex Grossman.

CLEVELAND (+1) over Tennessee: Why in the world are the Browns giving the point to the Titans when their best WR just suffered a season-ending injury. Plus, Chris Johnson will only carry more of the load, likely to see 8 men in the box.

Buffalo (-3) over CINCINNATI: Tough call considering there maybe some week after in terms of the Bills. However, Ryan Fitzpatrick will face his former team and I expect he'll play well, and that's enough to be the Bengals.

Minnesota (-3) over KANSAS CITY: The Vikings won't blow 4 halftime leads this year, will they? Not against the Chiefs, setting up Chiefs-Colts: Battle for Luck.

Carolina (+7) over CHICAGO: The only way the Bears win easy is if they either injure Cam Newton or a monsoon shows up at Soldier Field. The Chicago forecast says sunny weather.

Pittsburgh (+4) over HOUSTON: How many times do the Steelers get points when they face someone not named Patriots or Ravens in Baltimore. Despite the close game in Indy, I still think it's early to proclaim Pittsburgh in trouble.

Atlanta (-6) over SEATTLE: My policy is that if the Seahawks play any NFC West teams at home, I'll pick them. As far as I know, the Falcons no longer play in the NFC West, despite NFC West like play against the Bucs last week.

Giants (-1.5) over ARIZONA: Great memories for the Giants as they return to the scene of the greatest Super Bowl ever (at least in my eyes). The game Eli Manning had a week ago, expect more of the same. Wish I can watch though, but Game 2 of Yankees-Tigers calls.

Miami (+7) over SAN DIEGO: I'm so disgusted with the Chargers. And they probably will win by a touchdown just to frustrate me some more. I hate this game, because now I must back the Dolphins; hoping for a bunch of field goals.

GREEN BAY (-13) over Denver: I tried to make a case for the Broncos, but they are playing above their weight class. Not going to happen at the home of the champs. Besides, it's time for a statement game by the Packers.

New England (-6.5) over OAKLAND: I wish the Pats didn't lose last week. I would have grabbed the points for certain, plus it would have been more. But you have a big win for the Raiders and a bad loss for the Pats. This won't repeat.

BALTIMORE (-4) over Jets: The Jets are staring at the barrel of a 2-3 start (with the Pats next week on the road), unless they win tonight. Problem is, the Ravens are just a better version of the Jets.

TAMPA BAY (-10.5) over Indianapolis: With Curtis Painter starting, should be an easy win for the Bucs. Which is fine because no ones going to watch either on TV and the stadium might be a bit empty with the Rays playing a playoff game (different than the regular season Rays crowd).

Last week: 10-6
Season Record: 25-21-2

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