Monday, October 3, 2011

Why Is A-Rod The Scapegoat?

I was at yesterday's Game 2 of Yankees-Tigers and it was a pretty ho-hum contest. The reason I'm writing is because in the 8th inning as everyone knows, Alex Rodriguez was booed after his popfly. If you are going to boo someone, it should have been Jeter, for his 0-5, the strikeout while the Yankees tried to rally in the ninth and the error in the sixth which helped the Tigers get two more runs in the inning. Otherwise, the entire Yankee team decided to allow Max Scherzer to pitch a no-hitter into the sixth inning and could have been booed as a unit, if possible.

I think it's absurd that I even have to write another post pointing out how unfair it is to boo A-Rod. We all know that he's playing hurt. He hasn't played much in the second half and is clearly not in rhythm. Plus, he's not making excuses, as evident by his postgame comments yesterday. So give him a break, that's what A.J. Burnett is for.

Some other thoughts from yesterday:

-My friend Justin who went to the game with me is calling Miguel Cabrera "The Monster". A fair and accurate statement.

-Girardi didn't help things by pinch-hitting Brett Gardner for Eric Chavez with two on in the 6th. Also, Luis Ayala is this year's Sergio Mitre, meaning when he comes in, the white flag is being waved.

-There were three Tigers near me in my row who I didn't know even where who they were until Detroit added that run in the 9th and they were brave enough to cheer aloud. Really wanted to say something to them if Jose Valverde blew the lead.

-Glad not to see Valverde get to do his celebration. Small victories.

-This was only my third ever Yankee playoff game I saw in person. The other two were 2000 ALCS Game 2 (the only time I sat in the Bleachers with the Creatures) which the Yankees put up seven runs in the eighth to salvage a split with the Mariners, turning around the series and 2001 ALDS Game 5 which was the first Jeter catch in the stands (and incidentally, the forgotten one after the one against Boston). Same we had the opposite type of game from Jeter yesterday.

-This Sabathia vs. Verlander matchup will decide the series. Don't want the season to hang on the arm of AJ Burnett. Enjoy the game everyone.

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