Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 7 Picks

This weekend is Tiffany's birthday (let's all wish here a happy birthday), and she was unable to write a song for us to enjoy this week. I wanted to finally do a power poll this week, as well as a couple other posts, but this week has been crazy at work. Next week will be a bigger week here at The Cycle since I'll be on vacation. Until then, here's my weekly picks. (Home team in CAPS)

Chicago (-1.5) over Tampa Bay: No home game for either team as they play in London. I give up figuring out the Bucs, Bears might not be bad, just not on the level of the Packers, Saints and Lions.

Washington (+3) over CAROLINA: Thinking that John Beck can't be worse than Rex Grossman and can pick apart the Panthers defense.

JETS (-1) over San Diego: Despite all the talking this week, it's a game that the Jets need more than the Chargers. Add the 1pm start and the fact the Chargers don't step up against good teams, and the Jets should win. And if not, then the Jets aren't good.

Seattle (+3) over CLEVELAND: Things are so bad in Cleveland right now that taking the Seahawks on the road is more viable.

Houston (+3) over TENNESSEE: Gut pick on my part. I'm not that impressed with the Titans and even hurt, I think the Texans can win.

Denver (-1) over MIAMI: The Tim Tebow Era starts with a bang as the Dolphins continue their "Suck For Luck" season. Last Monday was spectacular in that sense by Miami. One thing Tiffany did do was write a preview for this game.

DETROIT (-4) over Atlanta: Bounce back week for the Lions, facing a Falcons team who took advantage of a bad Carolina defense. Don't see the same result happen today.

Pittsburgh (-4) over ARIZONA: Don't know why this line is low. I know the Steelers struggled last week, but the Cardinals in my eyes are the perfect elixir for offensive troubles.

OAKLAND (-4) over Kansas City: I know this is illogical, but the fact that the Chiefs can reach .500 after the season they had to start is also illogical. Darren McFadden should be enough to win this for the Raiders.

St. Louis (+14) over DALLAS: The Cowboys shouldn't give 14 points against anyone. I know the Rams aren't good, but they can keep it close, right? These two probably won't outscore the Cards and the Rangers in Game 3, unless Albert Pujols puts on shoulder pads.

Green Bay (-10.5) over MINNESOTA: Christian Ponder makes his first NFL start against the world champs. Bad news for the rookie.

NEW ORLEANS (-14) over Indianapolis: Let's hope this game isn't close at all so we can just watch Game 4 of the World Series tonight.

Baltimore (-9) over JACKSONVILLE: See the last section, just change Game 4 to Game 5.

Last week: 6-5-2
Season record: 45-41-4

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