Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tiffany's Week 4 Recap and Week 5 Picks

A later NFL picks post due to Yom Kippur this week, and Tiffany is back with her musical goodness on a crazy Week 4.

I was planning on doing a quarter power poll after each team played 4 games, but work and other blog posts this week have conflicted. It just means that we'll have the power poll ready for next weekend. On to the picks (Home team in CAPS)

INDIANAPOLIS (-3) over Kansas City- In this week's edition of the Suck 4 Luck Invitational, you have the Chiefs who screwed up royally (though not Royal-like) by beating the Vikings. Meanwhile, you have the Colts (who my friend Alison called the Fauxlts last Monday) are getting closer to winning, but still find ways to lose, keeping the pole position. Roles will reverse this Sunday._

MINNESOTA (-3) over Arizona- This is getting ridiculous for the Vikings. Another game which they blow a lead. Meanwhile, the Cards continue to be a most confounding team, which makes sense since they're in the NFC West. Vikings last chance in picking terms.

BUFFALO (+3) over Philadelphia- Because I'm not sold yet on the Eagles turning things around. And because I think losing to the Bengals will be the best thing for the Bills thus far.

Oakland (+5) over HOUSTON- For the record, I was on the Raiders because of no Andre Johnson and the expectation of a bounce back game from Darren McFadden. Even more convinced that the Raiders won't lose on the first game after Al Davis' death. RIP.

New Orleans (-7) over CAROLINA- It's tempting to keep riding Cam Newton and the Panthers for another late cover, but I think they are stepping up in weight class here. Saints will put up points today.

Cincinnati (-1) over JACKSONVILLE- Why is no one talking about how bad the Jaguars are? I know they aren't the same team who played the Jets, but they just aren't good. Maybe when Blaine Gabbert gets settled, they will perform.

Tennessee (+3.5) over PITTSBURGH- Conversely why aren't the Titans being talked about as being sneaky good? The Steelers are still struggling and Big Ben is banged up.

GIANTS (-10) over Seattle- Seahawks are away from home, so don't pick them. Giants are still playing October games and Eli Manning is playing some of his best football right now. Should be an easy one.

Tampa Bay (+3) over SAN FRANCISCO- I'm a full believer in Jim Harbaugh and this Niners team will win the NFC West (maybe even with 10+ wins). But too much is invested in the Bucs by me to pick against them. They just keep grinding out victories like Knish in Rounders.

Jets (+8) over NEW ENGLAND- Upset of the week; Jets will win 27-24 as they finally step up in the last game of this 3 game road trip. Mark Sanchez will not play as bad as last week and expect a few turnovers created by the defense against Tom Brady.

San Diego (-4) over DENVER- Is this the week Tim Tebow finally gets to play some QB? If the Chargers actually decide to beat a team down, they will. The Broncos, another horrible team in a league full of them.

Green Bay (-6) over ATLANTA- And we have the Falcons, who quietly are much worse than last year. It's their mo to fall back to earth the year after a playoff season. If there is any chance of salvation for the Falcons, they win Sunday night.

DETROIT (-6) over Chicago- Everything's going Detroit way of late, isn't it? Tigers are in the ALCS (forget the loss tonight). Red Wings started the season and are already punishing teams. And the soon to be lockout will keep the unwatchable Pistons away. And this Monday night game comes on the ALCS off day, even more wonderful news.

Last week: 8-8
Season Record: 33-29-2

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